Blitzing the Competition: Patrick Mahomes’s Leadership Lessons for Tomorrow’s Executives

Patrick Mahomes: More Than Just a Star Quarterback

Patrick Mahomes has taken the NFL by storm since becoming the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2018.

In just his second full season as a starter, Mahomes led the Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory and was named Super Bowl MVP.

His incredible athleticism and arm talent allow him to make throws that few other quarterbacks can even attempt.

However, there is more to Mahomes’ game than just his physical abilities. The way he approaches the game and performs under pressure offers valuable leadership lessons that can help anyone succeed, both on and off the field.

Composure Under Pressure

One of Mahomes’ defining traits is his calm demeanor and composure in high-pressure situations. As the quarterback, the weight of the team’s success or failure often falls on his shoulders. Late in close games with the season or a championship on the line, Mahomes remains focused and in control. Even when making a mistake, he doesn’t let emotions get the better of him. He processes what happened, makes corrections, and keeps leading his team down the field.

This type of composure under pressure is crucial for any leader. In challenging times, people look to their leader for reassurance and guidance. If a leader loses their composure and makes rash decisions based on emotion, it spreads panic and uncertainty throughout the organization. Mahomes understands this, which allows him to think clearly when the stakes are highest.

For example, in the 2020 Super Bowl, the Chiefs trailed the San Francisco 49ers 20-10 heading into the 4th quarter. Most players would be stressed by such a large deficit late in the biggest game of their careers. But Mahomes stayed calm and focused, leading three straight touchdown drives to win the Lombardi Trophy. His poise and decision making in crunch time inspired his teammates to keep believing in the comeback.

Leaders in all fields will inevitably face difficult problems, tight deadlines, disagreements with others, or public scrutiny that raises the pressure. But by maintaining composure like Mahomes, a leader reassures their team that they have the situation under control. They can objectively assess challenges and make the best decisions without panicking. This keeps those they lead feeling confident during uncertainty.

Resilience from Mistakes

No quarterback, no matter how talented, plays a perfect game with zero mistakes or misreads. Mahomes understands this and knows the key is how you respond after a mistake. Even in his young career, Mahomes has thrown interceptions or missed open receivers at times. But what separates him is his ability to learn from those mistakes and bounce back and lead his team down the field again.

For any leader, mistakes are an inevitable part of the job. No plan will always go perfectly, and not every decision will work out as intended. But it’s how a leader handles mistakes that truly defines them. Do they wallow in self-pity and cast blame, or do they own up to it, learn the lesson, and refocus their energy on moving forward productively?

In the 2020 AFC Championship game against the Buffalo Bills, Mahomes threw an interception early in the 3rd quarter while the Chiefs trailed 21-12. It would have been easy for doubts to creep in or for Mahomes to lose confidence at that point. Instead, he shook it off, led the Chiefs on three straight touchdown drives to take the lead, and helped secure the Super Bowl berth. His resilience in bouncing back from that mistake proved invaluable for his team.

The best leaders understand that mistakes will happen and don’t see them as personal failures. They view them as opportunities to improve. By owning mistakes, identifying the root causes, and implementing corrections, leaders can prevent similar issues down the road. They also set an example for their team that it’s not the end of the world after a setback, as long as you learn and grow stronger. This resilience is what Mahomes demonstrates and what every effective leader needs.

Communication and Collaboration

Playing quarterback requires constant communication between the player calling the plays and his teammates executing them. Mahomes understands this and excels at clearly communicating with his offense. He understands each player’s strengths and puts them in positions to succeed based on the defense’s look. This collaboration and communication are hallmarks of his leadership style.

Leaders must be able to articulate their vision to their team in a way that motivates and provides direction. But true leadership isn’t a one-way street – it requires collaboration. Mahomes listens to his teammates’ feedback and empowers them to voice their perspectives. He understands the importance of leveraging everyone’s talents towards a shared goal.

A prime example was the 2020 AFC Championship comeback. Late in the game with his team trailing, Mahomes could have tried to be a hero and force plays himself. Instead, he trusted his teammates and called their number when they had one-on-one matchups. This included a crucial 44-yard touchdown to Tyreek Hill that sparked the comeback. His communication and collaboration maximized his team’s talents when they needed it most.

Effective leaders recognize they don’t have all the answers and can’t accomplish goals alone. They create a culture where everyone’s input is valued and where people are empowered to perform to their strengths. By clearly communicating vision while also collaborating, Mahomes and other top leaders get the most out of their teams.

The game of football constantly evolves as defenses develop new schemes and tactics. Quarterbacks must be able to adapt and think on their feet to outsmart ever-changing game plans. Mahomes has proven himself a master of this, with his uncanny ability to diagnose defenses pre-snap and make adjustments that keep the opposition off balance.

This kind of adaptability will separate the best leaders from the rest. In business, markets and consumer demands are continuously shifting. Disruptive new technologies and competitors force companies to evolve or get left behind. Leaders must be innovative and nimble in their thinking. They can’t rigidly stick to outdated plans when circumstances change.

A prime example of Mahomes’ adaptability came in the 2018 AFC Championship against the New England Patriots. Facing Bill Belichick’s complex defensive schemes, Mahomes repeatedly made adjustments at the line of scrimmage that countered what the Patriots were trying to do. He even threw a touchdown pass running to his left after the defense had been expecting a pass to the right all game. His innovative playcalling kept New England off guard and led Kansas City to the Super Bowl.

Top leaders study trends, gather input from various sources, and are willing to take calculated risks with new strategies. When obstacles emerge, they problem solve creatively rather than stubbornly insisting their original plans will work. Mahomes’ ability to adapt and innovate on the fly is a model all leaders would do well to emulate in order to thrive amid disruption and competition.


While Patrick Mahomes seems almost superhuman with the ball in his hands, his true greatness lies in his approach to leadership. His composure under immense pressure, resilience after mistakes, clear communication skills, collaboration style, and adaptability are all traits that have propelled him and his teams to championship heights. For anyone aspiring to leadership success in their own field, studying Mahomes’ journey offers invaluable lessons that can be applied. His story serves as an inspiration for how focusing on both physical skills and one’s mental approach can set a new standard of excellence.

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