image caption Andy Reid thinks there’s more than meets the eye to Kansas City Chiefs’ top free agent signings

With the 2024 NFL draft around the corner, the 2024 NFL free agency period might feel like a distant memory.

That’s not the case for Kansas City Chiefs HC Andy Reid, who is interacting with some new players virtually for the first time with Phase I of the voluntary offseason workout program beginning on Monday.

Speaking to media members for the first time since free agency began, Reid provided some insight on the decision behind signing some offensive free agents and the role he envisions for them within his offense.

For players like Marquise “Hollywood” Brown and Irv Smith Jr., there’s something more than first appears with each player.

Andy Reid thinks there's more than meets the eye to Chiefs' top free agent signings

Hollywood Brown is more than just a deep threat
While Brown might be seen as a natural replacement for a player like Marquez Valdes-Scantling because of his speed, Andy Reid feels that there is much more to his game that can be unlocked. He won’t simply run the nine route in the Chiefs’ offense, but he’ll have a deeply nuanced role.

“Hollywood Brown is a good speed receiver,” Reid explained. “He can play inside or outside, and I stay away from saying a deep threat, although he can do that. He can play within the offense and do all of the different routes that we’ve asked. He’s a nice addition and he has some experience and production.”

Reid spoke to the media ahead of Patrick Mahomes, so he didn’t take any cues from Mahomes’ route-running comment about Brown. This absolutely tracks with that same line of thinking, though. Brown has the type of ability to force the defense to defend every blade of grass at every level of the field.

Irv Smith Jr. plays bigger than his measurements
6-foot-2 and 240 pounds might be a bit undersized by typically tight end measurements, but it doesn’t impact Irv Smith Jr. per Andy Reid. Not only does Smith have skills as a receiver, but his blocking and physicality exceed what you might expect from someone of his stature.

“Irv (Smith) is a tight end and kind of does everything pretty good,” Reid said. “He’s a good solid football player, he’s a good receiver, good after the catch, good blocker, not necessarily the biggest guy but really plays a good physical game, and I kind of like what he’s shown in the past.”

Smith Jr. and Brown both haven’t quite lived up to their potential in the NFL, but Reid seems to think they can seamlessly fit into the system in Kansas City so long as they stay healthy.

“I think it’s important for both of these guys that they’re able to keep themselves healthy and rolling and that’ll be a part of it as we go forward here,” Reid concluded.

So far, they both seem to be off to a good start at Camp Mahomes down in Texas.

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