Inside Travis Kelce’s fashion world – The man who always stays in great style when appearing next to Taylor Swift

After the dating rumor with Taylor Swift was confirmed, Travis Kelce became a name that received the attention of a large audience and media around the world.

The American football star quickly made a strong impression on Swifties (Taylor’s fandom) thanks to his impressive playing achievements and especially his unique fashion style.

It can be said that “stylish” is the most accurate adjective to describe Travis Kelce’s dressing style. His airport fashion moments attract you with his calculated mix-&-match style, helping to create depth for the whole.

This grooming of his appearance began long before he received as much attention as he does today.

Travis’ love of fashion dates back to his childhood, when he attended public high school and was influenced by the incredibly stylish clothing of his peers.

“Every day is like a fashion show. I know those guys never even wear the same shirt twice,” the Chiefs star recounted

For him, fashion is always an important part of the pre-match “ritual”. Before setting foot in any stadium, Travis thinks about the image he wants to portray. He likes to do it in a rush.

“I coordinate clothes instinctively. I’m interested in the panicked creativity of putting things together.”

Travis Kelce loves a dynamic street style with a strong sporty spirit. Skinny pants, a dark jacket combined with sneakers is his signature combo.

Self-described as “an impulsive shopper”, this professional athlete has an endless passion for online shopping.

This habit has helped him own a huge room of clothes, and especially more than 300 pairs of sports shoes of all kinds. It can be said that Travis Kelce is a genuine sneakerhead.

He owns many rare pairs of shoes, including legendary pairs like Dior Air Jordan 1s (price can be up to $20,000) or Air MAG, LeBron II Oregon PEs,… During his appearance with Taylor Swift at the stadium Arrowhead, the football star wore Nike SB’s extremely rare “Green Lobster” Dunk Low, with a price of around $1,500

As Travis became more famous, Travis’s fashion style became more diverse and luxurious with the appearance of stylish, elegant suits.

The same outfit, but the fashionista always knows how to make it more interesting and highlight his personality.

While many people like to wear classic sportswear or even traditional vest and tie combos, Travis is not afraid to “stand out” in the crowd with a stylish outerwear or luxurious suits.

In March 2023, Travis hosted “Saturday Night Live” in a Dior Men double-breasted suit. The kit was later displayed in the Chiefs Hall of Honor at Arrowhead Stadium.

The American player looks extremely elegant in a Gucci knitted polo shirt (right), while still exuding a liberal look when combining a colorful cashmere sweater with matching Givenchy jeans (right).

In fact, this rugby superstar does not always dress luxuriously and stylishly like a gentleman. Sometimes he likes to refresh himself with colorful shirts with outstanding prints. Other times you see him in shirts – jeans or polo shirts, simple and youthful like a college student. Even layered outfits imbued with the spirit of hip-hop can’t make it difficult for Travis.

With colorfully printed shirts, Travis creates a youthful, dynamic spirit imbued with a spirit of freedom, reflecting his open, optimistic and humorous personality.

It’s still a shirt, but it brings out a very different Travis: gentle, neat, polite without being monotonous.

You can also easily see Chiefs stars appearing in other stylish long shirts. 

However, the NFL fashion star still has “confusing” fashion moments when combining items “unlike anyone else”. He did not hesitate to express his opinion on this issue in an interview with The Wall Street Journal: “Obviously, not every look is for everyone. I don’t feel sad if someone says I look like a clown wearing a funny hat and weird jeans. I’ll have fun with that.”

Fashion has always been Travis Kelce’s priority since he was young, and even when he was on the field. This guy wants all the best items, from sports headbands to high-end shoes. When you grow up and step into the professional competition path, upgrading your fashion style also becomes easier.

Stepping out of the United States after being confirmed as Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce’s ability to always maintain a stylish appearance has become an absolute plus in the eyes of international audiences. The handsome footballer always maintains a neat state with extremely unique outfits whenever paired with the “Anti-Hero” singer.

Travis Kelce maintains his fashion style with top fashionista charisma when appearing publicly alongside Taylor Swift.

Tone-sur-tone plaid shirt with Taylor Swift – a simple but extremely smart couple choice for Travis.

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