‘On the floor or throw up’ – Taylor Swift’s trainer reveals HELL workout plan to help her perform nonstop for three hours and fifteen minutes at Eras Tour

Kirk Myers, Taylor Swift’s personal trainer, disclosed that the pop star’s exercise regimen is so strenuous that it would make most people sick to try.

The founder of Dogpound Gym, who was born and raised in Kansas City, exclaimed that the 11-time Grammy winner’s “work ethic is just incredible” while discussing his client’s exercise regimen.

He told Vogue, “It’s really hard; some people would probably have to lay down on the floor or throw up if they trained like her.”

Myers said that he is now “ready to be known as Taylor Swift’s trainer” following ten years of working with the singer.

Inside Taylor Swift's 'Tailored' Workout Routine Amid Eras Tour | Us Weekly

Taylor Swift's personal trainer, Kirk Myers, revealed the pop star's workout routine is so intense that it would make most people sick to attempt


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Having trained everyone from Justin Bieber to supermodel Adriana Lima, the celebrity trainer said, “I don’t think there’s a cooler title out there.”

He said that Swift’s workouts are “tailored,” and that’s how he helped her get ready for The Eras Tour, which requires her to perform nonstop for three hours and fifteen minutes.

“We trained her for the Eras tour with the same mindset that a professional athlete would.” He clarified that there was an in-season while she was touring and an off-season when she wasn’t.

For fans wanting to train like the Fortnite crooner, Myers advised people to focus on strength and conditioning as well as 'actually breathing' while working on their cores

Myers disclosed that they spend “up to six days a week, sometimes two hours a day, in the gym” when she is not on tour.

'I knew this tour was harder than anything I¿d ever done before by a long shot,' she told Time magazine, who has named her 2023's Person of the Year

To keep her in shape for performances, singing, and dancing, the two concentrate on strength, conditioning, and focusing on her core.

Taylor (seen at rehearsals) admitted, 'Learning choreography is not my strong suit. I wanted to be so over-rehearsed that I could be silly with the fans, and not lose my train of thought'

Myers claimed that Swift “trained during the entire tour,” even though she was traveling the world.

On average, we would meet twice a week. According to him, in-season training was primarily focused on maintenance and hence involved stability, mobility, and biomechanics.

‘If you’ve watched the program, you know how difficult it is physically,’ the trainer went on. Imagine going to the gym for three or four days straight, and when you finally have a few days off, you continue to go. Taylor is that.

Myers suggested concentrating on strength and fitness as well as “actually breathing” while working on their cores for those who wanted to train like the Fortnite crooner.

Taylor Swift's trainer says her workout routine would be too much for most people | Marca

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Myers continues, “Taylor is the most resilient person I have ever met.” Seeing her continually overcome challenges and ultimately grow stronger and better is incredibly encouraging. This carries over into her training and all of her exercises.

He went on, “When I give her a tough exercise or demanding workout, she not only manages to finish it and push through it—she also perseveres, going on to the next exercise.” In the end, this helps her become faster, stronger, and better.

Myers, who was already a fan of hers when they first crossed paths as friends, mentioned that Shake It Off, 22 and If I Were a Man are his three favorite songs by her.

“Yes, sometimes it’s on the playlist, but I’ve never intentionally played her music while we’re training,” he pondered.

Swift revealed in December the intense exercise routine that helped her get ready for her Eras Tour, which included everything from giving up booze to singing while jogging on a treadmill.

“I was aware that this tour would be significantly more difficult than anything I had ever done,” she said to Time magazine, which has selected her Person of the Year for 2023.

Taylor clarified that she began training at Myers’ gym, Dogpound, a “state-of-the-art” facility that, according to its website, “offers bespoke team, private training, and lifestyle advice,” six months prior to the start of the tour.

She remembered sprinting through her whole set list on a treadmill in order to be ready to scream her hits as she moved around the stage.

“I used to run on the treadmill every day and sing the entire set list aloud,” she added. “A fast walk or jog is appropriate for slow songs, and fast for fast ones.”

She also used strength, conditioning, and weights.

Three months before to the tour, Taylor began intensive practice with choreographer Mandy Moore in order to learn the dance moves.

Emma Stone, one of her friends, introduced her to Mandy. Emma and Mandy had previously worked together on the musical La La Land.

“Learning choreography is not my strong suit,” the pop diva said. I trained in dance for three months because I wanted it ingrained in my body.

Taylor Swift Rocks Colorful Gym Gear for Morning Workout Sesh: Photo 4123561 | Taylor Swift Photos | Just Jared: Entertainment News

“I wanted to practice so much that I could act goofy around with the fans without losing my train of thought.”

The singer said to the magazine that although she has lived “like a frat guy” on the road in the past, this time was different.

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