Patrick Mahomes Had His “Heart and Soul” Set on Texas Tech Despite Mom Randi Not Finding It “Good Enough”

Patrick Mahomes’ mother, Randi is not a social butterfly! Typically, she steers clear of the limelight. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say she is the woman behind the Kansas City Chiefs QB’s success.

Yet, on the cusp of the Super Bowl last month, she offered a rare glimpse into the world of her son and his early life during an intimate conversation.

At her residence just beyond Tyler, Texas, she talked to Jennifer Vickery Smith, the host of “Got It From My Momma” podcast.

Mama Mahomes spoke about multiple topics, including why she thought her son could have started his football career in a better school than Texas Tech.

Randi Mahomes wanted better for her son

Patrick Mahomes’ journey to Texas Tech had unexpected turns and heartfelt decisions. His father always believed Patrick was destined for greatness, envisioning him at a prestigious university. He and Randi went on a series of campus visits, but Texas Tech. That was never on the radar. Situated in the vast expanse of west Texas, it felt like a world away from their east Texas roots.

Yet, after just one visit, Patrick wanted to be nowhere else. Momma Mahomes recalled, “I knew his heart and soul was there.” However, she had different dreams. And she was pretty upfront about it. When the coaches there asked her how she liked the school, she didn’t hold back. Randi told them, “I don’t think the school’s good enough.” She told Jennifer, “I was like my son is good. Like he is so good, no offense.”

Looking back, obviously, she sees the hand of fate in their decision. A divine nudge towards an unexpected path that turned out to be extraordinary. However, if it weren’t for Texas Tech, he might have become a baseball player.

Patrick Mahomes’ pivot to football

During his formative years at Whitehouse High in the heart of Texas, Mahomes wasn’t just any athlete. He was a tri-sport prodigy. Mahomes was adept at baseball, football, and basketball! Baseball, however, wasn’t his forte. It was clear when the Detroit Tigers selected him only as the 1,120th pick in the 2014 MLB Draft.

He chose to try out football at Texas Tech instead. In his climactic senior season, he unleashed a barrage of touchdowns and racked up yards both through the air and on the ground that were nothing short of staggering. His prowess as a quarterback was undeniable, drawing the gaze of Texas Tech’s scouts. He was selected by the team and eventually made it to the NFL in 2018 as the 10th overall pick.

And the rest is, of course, history. He won his third Super Bowl MVP on February 12, 2024. Who knows if he would have been as great a baseball player if had chosen to follow in the footsteps of his father?

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