PHOTOS: “Hawk Tuah” Girl Caused A Major Stir With Her Revealing 4th Of July Outfit By The Lake

Hailey Welch, the “Hawk Tuah” Girl, turned heads on social media this past Fourth of July after sharing a revealing photo of herself.

Welch, who appears to have quite a future ahead of her, shot to fame after her brief street interview went viral, making her an internet sensation.

She’s made the phrase “Hawk Tuah” a thing, and it’s become her brand. She is already profiting from merchandise sales, having taken advantage of her online fame and parlaying it into a money-making venture.

The Nashville resident took to Instagram on Thursday to show off her holiday outfit, going red, white, and blue as she also advertised her latest merch.

The "Hawk Tuah" Girl smiling

“Happy 4th yall! Let ya flags fly 🇺🇸❤️💙🤠I made some limited edition merch for today! Once it’s gone it’s gone! Shop link is in my bio 😉,” she captioned the photo below.

Check it out:

“We love you girl, don’t listen to them haters,” a user wrote in the comments.

“Leave my heart in the Hawkland of America 🇺🇸,” another wrote.

“POOKIE FUMBLED BIG TIME,” someone observed.

hawk tuah girl 4th of july outfit : Hawk Tuah Girl poses on Instagram to  make a special announcement on July 4th.

The “Hawk Tuah” Girl Has Secured Representation
Hailey is taking the opportunities that have accompanied her newfound fame very seriously and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, found representation this week.

The publication revealed that the new internet sensation signed on with the management firm, The Penthouse.

“The world’s gone crazy for Haliey! I’m glad our team can help guide this rocketship. All the podcasters are right, spend five minutes with her and you’ll see why she is America’s sweetheart,” company founder Jonnie Forster said in a statement.

It appears the sky’s the limit for Hailey and “Hawk Tuah.”

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