The football player made a surprise appearance at the game after spending time with Swift in Europe.

The football player made a surprise appearance at the game after spending time with Swift in Europe.

After spending quality time with his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, in Europe as he supported her on tour, Travis Kelce flew to Dallas, Texas, to attend a National Hockey League game—and the team cheekily referenced Swift while celebrating his appearance.

Kelce checked out the hockey game between the Dallas Stars and the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday, May 25, wearing a patterned button-up shirt with palm trees on it.

The Dallas Stars spotlighted the 34-year-old on social media, sharing a clip of him at the game along with a spot-on caption.

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift

Welcoming Kelce, the note mentioned Swift’s song “Blank Space” from her 1989 album, saying, “We’ve got a Blank Space (on the back of a Stars jersey), and we’ll write your name @killatrav 😉.”

Fans loved seeing Kelce at the game, with comments like, “This is the winning energy we need!!!” and “dallas stars 🤝 texas swifties.”

Another said, “now that’s some NEW NEWS I like to hear! 🙌,” talking about a segment on Kelce’s podcast New Heights.

Kelce’s close friend and teammate, Patrick Mahomes, who is from Texas, joked around with him about his visit to the game, writing on X, “Yo get out of my arena!! @tkelce 😂😂😂 go @DallasStars!!!”

In response, Kelce quipped, “😂😂😂 gotta love playoff hockey baby!!! You’ve never even skated!”

The Dallas Stars seemed to love having Kelce attend the game, as the team replied to Kelce’s tweet, “Let’s get y’all on the ice @PatrickMahomes @tkelce.” Maybe Kelce has a career in another sport in his future?

Swifties in the comments of Kelce’s post joked about the possibility, replying, “Please don’t make us learn hockey too.”

Referencing Swift’s song “So High School,” which many believe to be about Kelce, a different Swiftie chimed in, “hockey too???? HELP i just know about aristotle and pop not about balls😩.”

Anyone who was at the game saw another callout to Swift as well, with the venue playing the song “Shake It Off” when Kelce showed up on the jumbotron screen.

Although fans would’ve loved to see Swift at the hockey match with Kelce, she just finished her concerts in Portugal and is heading to Spain next.

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