Tom Brady Hall of Fame ceremony: Patriots to retire Brady’s No. 12 jersey

Tom Brady will become the 35th individual inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame.

FOXBOROUGH — Tom Brady is back in Foxborough.

The legendary quarterback will be the 35th inductee into the Patriots Hall of Fame on Wednesday night, with the team waiving the usual four-year waiting period to enshrine the seven-time Super Bowl champion.

The event, held within a sold-out Gillette Stadium, has “hundreds” of Brady’s former teammates in attendance, along with several other special guests and musical performances.

Follow along for live updates from today’s ceremony:


“I am eternally grateful. I am Tom Brady. And I am a Patriot.”

What a moment. What a night.

Plenty more to come here on


9:55: Brady getting emotional talking about his offensive linemen that protected him for 20 years in New England.

“In particular I want to say something to all the offensive linemen. I made your job hard,” Brady said.


9:49: An emotional Brady takes to the stage:

An emotional Brady: “I wish I had more time. I truly wish I had more time to give you all.”

Brady on Belichick: “It wasn’t me. It wasn’t you. It was us.” “Let me make this crystal clear. There is no coach in the world that I would rather play for.”


9:40: Robert Kraft announces that Tom Brady will have his No. 12 jersey retired by the Patriots. He will also get a statue of himself placed in front of the Patriots Hall of Fame.


9:29: Robert Kraft is next up, after getting an introduction from Matthew Slater.


9:27: Belichick offers up praises to several other key Patriots, noting that the Patriots probably wouldn’t have won a Super Bowl or two without Dont’a Hightower.

Belichick faces Brady before capping his speech.

“On behalf of myself, on behalf of the fans, thank you,” Belichick said. “Thank you for all you’ve done for us, thank you for all you’ve done for me, and thank you for the example and model you’ve been for all of us on a daily basis for 20 years.”


9:14: Belichick stresses that Tom Brady’s greatest strength was his ability to avoid “bad plays”.

He adds that Brady’s worst decision was actually made on the golf course, with Brady trying to chip a shot off a ledge at Pebble Beach.

Belichick stresses that his twice-a-week meeting with Brady during the NFL season “were some of the very best times in my coaching career.”


9:07: Bill Belichick has arrived. And he is greeted with a thunderous ovation:

Belichick’s ovation went on for over a minute, with Brady standing and leading the cheers.

Belichick: “This is such a warm welcome. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to come back here.”


8:54: After a video featuring several legendary sports announcers like Al Michaels, Joe Buck, Chris Berman, and Rich Eisen, David Andrews takes to the stage and introduces Kenny Chesney — who is performing “Boys of Fall”.


8:47: Rob Gronkowski is the latest legend to get an ovation.

“You’re the only one who can bring so many people here together,” Gronkowski tells Brady.

A cool moment from Gronkowski retelling how he earned Brady’s trust during his rookie season:


8:42: Edelman now the latest Patriots legend to get a standing ovation.

This is Brady’s night, but this feels like a fitting tribute to the entire Patriots dynasty. A whole lot of legends getting their flowers here tonight.


8:36: Quite the moment here at Gillette Stadium, as Randy Moss is moved to tears as the crowd roars: “RAN-DY! RAN-DY!”


8:33: Quite the star-studded cast up here for the latest roundtable: Brady, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman.


8:25: Danny Amendola now on the mic. He also thanks Brady for including him in the “80 For Brady” film.

Bill Burr is now back on the mic and is roasting old photos of Brady alongside celebs like Jimmy Fallon and Guy Fieri.

Now, a video tribute featuring Matt Damon.


8:15: Drew Bledsoe takes the mic, but promises that he’s going to be “nice” after he roasted Brady on Netflix last month.

“I was there when you were just a kid, and the thing is that in a lot of ways you’re still the kid that I met coming out of Michigan…the guy that I met was this curious, inquisitive guy,” Bledsoe said. “The thing that has allowed you to overcome your obvious physical deficiencies has been that incessant desire to improve at all times. And I know you’re still doing that now.”

Bledsoe ends the roundtable: “You were the worst backup quarterback in the history of the NFL.”


8:12: Dan Koppen and Logan Mankins are now on stage giving a shoutout to Brady:

Koppen: “It was an honor and a privilage to block for you.”

The former Patriots O-linemen now introduce another roundtable featuring Drew Bledsoe, Matt Cassel, Brian Hoyer, and Josh McDaniels.


8:11: A video tribute featuring David Ortiz, Patrice Bergeron, and Taylor Twellman giving as shoutout to Brady. Very cool.


8:04: Manning retells a story from his playing days about a coaching telling him not to score unless there were six seconds or fewer on the clock.

Manning: “That’s how you had to approach it when you were playing against Tom Brady.”

Manning acknowledges that he’s received several ovations here at Gillette Stadium. “They like me here because I always lost here.”

Brady now returns the praise toward Manning: “There’s nobody out there like Peyton Manning right now.”


8:00: Plenty of classic Brady rivals on that tribute video — but the first special guest of the night joins in: It’s Peyton Manning.

Brady and Manning embrace on the stage.

“I love this guy,” Brady says. “An incredible friend of mine.”


7:55: NFL legends past and present shoutout Tom Brady in a tribute video, including: Ray Lewis, Charles Woodson, Jason Taylor, Ed Reed and Michael Strahan.

Lewis on Brady: “You are the reason I studied the way I did.”

Eli Manning, Richard Sherman, and Patrick Mahomes also make appearances and are soundly booed by the Gillette Stadium crowd.

Charles Woodson ends that tribute video with a cheers to Brady, a fellow Michigan alum.

“Almost forgot. It was a damn fumble,” he adds.


7:50: The praise continues between Brady and some of New England’s legends on defense:

“He’s a better person than he is a football player. That says a lot,” Willie McGinest.


7:43: Brady is now heaping praise on plenty of his teammates.

Brady: “When I walked into this organization I had Drew Bledsoe sitting in the quarterback room with me Day 1. Damn right I was going to be developed.”

Drew Bledsoe saluates him from the tables in front of the stage.

Brady to Vince Wilfork: “The best nose tackle this game ever saw.”

The screen behind Brady shows Wilfork’s memorable interception against the Chargers, which draws a massive cheer.

Wilfork gives Brady his flowers, noting that the priority for New England’s defense was to get the ball back in Brady’s hands as quick as possible.

Wilfork: “If he gets the ball, we win.”


7:37: Tirico is now running a roundtable with Brady, Ty Law, Willie McGinest, Devin McCourty, and Vice Wilfork — some of the defensive stalwarts on New England’s dynasty.

Ty Law to Brady: “You’re not just the greatest quarterback of all-time. You’re the greatest football player of all-time.”


7:32: All six Lombardi Trophies that Brady won in New England are brought out to the stage. Now Rob Ninkovich and Patrick Chung are addressing the crowd.

Chung on Brady’s competitiveness: “Forget games and playoffs. Let’s talk about practice. As a defense, interceptions off Tom were the best – just to piss him off.”

7:20: Host Mike Tirico opens the festivities and a video feature revolving around Brady and family has Brady tearing up.

Tom Brady Sr., his mother, Galynn, and two of his sisters sit around their kitchen table and reflected on Brady’s career.

He takes the stage and the first of many “BRA-DY! BRA-DY!” chants begins.

“It’s so difficult to put into words what this night means to me and my family,” Brady says.

Brady begins to tear up as he reflects on his relationship with Robert Kraft:

“We’ve been through so much, and when you’re in one place for 20 years, there are so many ups and there was a few little bumps in the road, but I don’t think anything could ever detract or distract from what our love and our commitment to each other always was,” Brady said.


7:10: Canton native Bill Burr is now opening things with a monologue breaking down some of the top moments of the Patriots dynasty.

Burr: “There’s not a lot of certainties in life, but you won’t see another quarterback have a 20 year run – win 7 Super Bowls – like Tom Brady.”

Burr continued: I don’t wanna hear about that guy from the Chiefs. Andy Reid is too fat.”


7:03: Jay-Z is here — he emerges from the fog and opens with “Public Service Announcement” as Tom Brady makes his way out on the field. Gillette Stadium absolutely loses it.


7:01: John Cena with an appearance on the first video tribute for Brady:


6:58: Jason McCourty and Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo are now addressing the crowd.

Mayo: “TB12 – ultimate competitor.” Mayo said he hopes that Brady’s competitive drive will rub off this Patriots locker room in 2024.

McCourty: “We’re going to see some history tonight.”

Fireworks dot across the top sections of Gillette Stadium. Looking like a perfect night at Gillette.


6:56: Looks like we’re ready to roll. The ceremony starts with a recording of “This is Our House” by Bon Jovi — and a performance by the Patriots cheerleaders.


6:50: Looks like multiple current Patriots will be in attendance for tonight’s game.


6:46: In a shocking development, Rob Gronkowski is sporting shades on the red carpet.


6:45: Chris Price of The Boston Globe with a running list of some of the attendees tonight:


6:44: The man of honor arrived and immediately embraced Robert Kraft.


6:42: There were hundreds of Brady’s former teammates on hand for the red-carpet ceremony ahead of Wednesday’s festivities — including Julian Edelman, Randy Moss, Rob Gronkowski, Willie McGinest, Devin McCourty, Vince Wilfork, Ty Law, James White, Wes Welker, Kevin Faulk, Matthew Slater, Dan Koppen, Logan Mankins, Matt Cassel, Brian Hoyer, Drew Bledsoe, Rob Ninkovich, and Patrick Chung.


6:40: Greetings from Gillette Stadium, where the crowds continue to fill in roughly 20 minutes ahead of the Hall of Fame ceremony.

For those wanting to watch the event in real-time, the event will not be broadcast on television but will be streamed on as well as YouTube.

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