Travis Kelce recalls the moment he started to ‘really fall’ for Taylor Swift

“You want to keep things private, but at the same time, I’m not here to hide anything,” he said. “That’s my girl.”

Travis Kelce recalled the moment he started to fall for his superstar girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end admired Swift for being “very self-aware” during an appearance on the June 24 episode of the “Bussin’ With The Boys” podcast.

“I think that’s why I really started to really fall for her, was how genuine she is around just like friends, family,” he explained.

Travis Kelce Recalls Falling for Taylor Swift, Talks Relationship

“It can get crazy for somebody with that much attention, and she just keeps it so chill and so cool,” he added.

Kelce recalled the first game Swift attended last NFL season on Sept. 24, when the Chiefs won 41-10 against the Chicago Bears.

“I was like, ‘OK, so I could probably set you up with everything,’ and she just walked right through the front door. There’s no going down talking to security,” Kelce said. “She’s just like, ‘I just want to be around the family and friends and experience this with everybody.'”

He added the singer got major points with him for that.

Travis Kelce Recalls Falling for Taylor Swift, Talks Relationship

“I was like damn, she’s just f—— in the madness, man. She wants to be a part of it. She wants to support me and do things like that. … Man, she really won me over with that,” he continued.

Kelce added that the pair tried to keep their relationship private.

“Nobody knew what was going on, really all over the place,” he said. “We kind of kept it between us as much as we could, but once she came to a game, obviously, it was all poppin’ from there.”

The pair have had a whirlwind romance with big life moments they’ve shared together, including a Super Bowl win for Kelce in February and multiple successful international shows on Swift’s “Eras Tour.”

Kelce described trying to keep their relationship between them, but also wanting to be proud of his girlfriend.

“You want to keep things private, but at the same time, I’m not here to hide anything,” he said. “That’s my girl.”

Travis Kelce Recalls How Taylor Swift Made Him 'Fall for Her'

“That’s my lady,” he added. “It’s like, I’m proud of that. I’m not sitting here trying to juggle like, ‘How can I keep this under wraps?’ You just don’t want to let everybody into your personal life and be able to comment on it, knowing that everything she does is getting a headline,” he said.

Kelce most recently joined Swift onstage for his own “Eras Tour” debut in London on June 23, when he sported a black-and-white suit and top hat and carried her during his surprise appearance.

“Dude, the concerts are electric,” Kelce said of Swift’s shows. “They’re electric, and she just switched it up. She just came out with the new album, so she kind of incorporated that into the new show.”

“She’s having fun up there — I can enjoy seeing her in her element, killing it onstage, and I love the show, man,” he added. “She’s got bangers.”

Travis Kelce Reveals the Moment He Knew He Was Starting to 'Really Fall'  for Taylor Swift

Kelce then gave his ranking of his top three favorite songs. The NFL star said he first started listening to Swift’s music when her album “1989” came out in 2014.

“I knew who she was before that. We were the same age, so through high school and everything, I knew who Taylor was as she was getting her career started,” he said. “But I think ‘1989’ was where it really started.”

Kelce then declared “Blank Space” as his top pick because it was “the first one.”

“I’ll go No. 2 — ‘Cruel Summer.’ ‘Cruel Summer’ is one of the ones she opens with at her show,” he said. “When she comes out and it’s just f—— electric in the stadium, and then she goes into an absolute banger like that. I was fired up when that happened at the first show I was ever at.”

Kelce’s third pick was “So High School.”

“I think ‘So High School,’ it’s got a little bit of a sentimental meaning,” he said, before quoting some of the lyrics that are rumored to be about him. “You know what I’m saying? ‘You know how to ball/ I know Aristotle,’ man.”

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